A mobile app to help Jazz lovers network better and make friends.


This project focuses on encouraging people to network through Jazz, bringing back our touch to Jazz, and helping Jazz community connect through customization so that the value of Jazz, by innovative communication, can be extended to next generation.


Design thinking

UX Research

UX Design


Visual Design & Branding

A scene in award-winning movie "Lala land" has described
how Jazz is fading.


As the root of American music, Jazz is on the decline.

The trend continues from the rise of technology:

  • More and more traditional record stores go out of business.
  • More and more listeners move away from jazz every year.
  • More and more digital music products take over brasswinds instruments.
  • Less and less platform sticks with Jazz.
  • Less and less approach to exchange Jazz.
  • Less and less people in the young generation knows Jazz.

Jazz has become one of the least-popular genre in the U.S.
(Source: Statista)

Tbh, Jazz is hard to gather people as an activity.


How to find Jazz lovers? How to connect?

As a Jazz listener myself, I often feel it is difficult to find people who want to socialize about Jazz. Most people think Jazz is outdated because of the stereotype. I wonder "Is our society losing touch with Jazz?" Jazz was shaping music in the states across races for over a century. With the growing of new inventions, there are few digital platforms supporting the Jazz community.

Sound my people out

Field trip: How do people feel about Jazz?

When I try to analyze Jazz from their genres, sub-genres, styles, regions, and era, it is an endless journey, so I decided to analyze people, to sound out what do people know, think, and feel about Jazz nowadays and what affects them to go for a Jazz event. I posted out a 6 question survey in the San Francisco with a sensational heading I deliberately put with "Is Jazz dying, dead or alive?" and I got an interesting finding.

"Jazz is a feeling. It bugs me when people put it into analysis." - Bill Evans

Posting area including Haight-Ashbury, Dolores Church, Noe and Duboce, and Inner Sunset.


People want a companion if they go to enjoy Jazz.

From my survey, over 70 people, age range from 20-50, more than half is 20-30 answered an interesting fact that to participate in Jazz-related activity, what affects them the most is “people they go with”, more important than any other options.

What affects your participation if you got an invitation to a Jazz event?


People I go with, or should I go alone.


The place of the event.


The price of the tickets.


Stereotypes and diverse music genres build the walls for Jazz to be exchanged smoothly.
Most of people think Jazz is this...

Based on my survey, some people think Jazz is outdated, black and white, and not for the party. Most people stuck with the idea of what is Jazz and have the stereotype of Jazz by the old branding and historical influence.

But over a century, Jazz has mixed like this...

Jazz is improvised, diverse, and composed with multiple elements that we can not define it easily. A lot of genres in Jazz are overlapped and mixed by tunes and melodies with other music. Imagine you are talking about a genre of Jazz and the person you are talking with talking another genre of Jazz.


1. Networking with common vibes, needs, career goals in an improvisational way.
2. Expanding community through creating more converstional chances.


By offering a networking service with Jazzy customization, we can rebrand the Jazz through user experience.

Design Questions

UX Inclusion
  • How will this be served for Jazz lovers?
  • How will this be served for people who are not already Jazz lovers?

User examinations

Target audience : Music enthusiasts & Networking lovers

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Unite people from different backgrounds through Jazz
  • Ryan
  • Emma
  • A Jazz Pianist | 29 years-old

    San Francisco, CA

    As a big believer that Jazz is the root of our culture, I want its lengend to be continued. So I can keep doing what I love as a job.

    Pain Points

    1. Faild to have a Jazz-driven conversation in other networking app.

    2. Picking about people's music taste.


    • To get noticed and sponsored.

    • To be inspired by other music lovers.

  • An actress | 26 years-old

    Los angeles, CA

    As a networking lover, I would like to explore and get inspired by people who knows Jazz and make friends with other artists.

    Pain Points

    1. Limited connections to know other artists.

    2. Jazz is too deep for her to know well.


    • To seek collaborations and make friends with musicians.

    • To be inspired by other music lovers.


User journey

To connect & to explore

Ideal feedback

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My brainchild

Every designer has a crazy sketch that makes them to have a bold faith.

Information Architecture

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Ui iterations
  • Wireframes
  • Main features
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  • Our beliefs
  • Visual direction
  • Color
  • Typography
  • Because Jazz embodies the diversity of people and rhythems.

  • The spirit to keep Jazz grooving with bold, originality and creativity.

  • Based on the retro style of our visual direction.






Find people with common interests

By filtering your needs and desires in the preference, it will bring you a better result of network searching. Once users registered and entered, they will need to set their customized networking goals:

  • Who they are as a role in music industry
  • which genres of Jazz they listened and preferred
  • which career goals
  • which way to meet
  • which location they are at
  • which theme song they have right now

Pair with vibes

By updating your preferable music on your theme, you can present to other users about you with a more precise vibe, and you will also see if others vibes while you are browsing them through paring.

Add people easier

Users can use this app pairing with people around to discover but also can add friends without distance by a quick scan of QR code and input email, they can find their friends through this approach and get started their connection faster.


Users can use also have a conversation with other users to promote further information, no matter is performance news or wanting to find gig members, they can chat with people to exchange detailed info.

User feedbacks
  • Idea: Overall is great, we need this to expand our community.
  • Content: Some wordings need to be changed, eg: "tutor" might be too narrow, educator will be more proper.
  • Feature: Thinking if we can also see people's friends list.
  • Design: Is fantastic, however maybe too bright.
"Every conversational chance is a benefit for us."
  • Idea: Is good, wondering if it can create bigger community.
  • Content:Is great, wonder we can listen the theme songs of others.
  • Feature: Some button and icons are confusing, but it is ok.
  • Design: Is modern and cool, but the red navigation is too strong.
"It would be great if we could see how people think and discuss on Jazz related topics."
  • Idea: Making more business chances.
  • Content: Wondering how can we see how influencial for Jazz artists.
  • Feature: Wish there is more contact info to be seen.
  • Design: Overall is clear but need time to see if it works for our marketing plan.
"Seeing what social influences they have will help us to know more about those musicians or the companies we are interested."
  • UX:
    1. Improving the usability and wordings.
    2. Including more of what users need.
    3. Thinking about how to strengthen the purposes of the theme song.
    4. Creating more conversations through groups or larger scope of networking.
    5. Extending the conversational chances through more possible interactions.
  • UI:
    1. Making icons size more consistent.
    2. Reducing the competing elements such as the background colors of navigations.
    3. Rearrange the hierarchical order of the key features.
    4. Add social media contacts and common friends.
  • Branding:
    1. Keep pushing foward and polishing detailed plan.
    2. What advertising strategy can push forward to the market.

What we could

After focusing on what we should, we also include what we could to reach the best needs for users, below are the features we could add on based on the feedbacks from the interview. Groove group project is a new app that needs more and more supports and testings to become true.


  • Accesible for every users
  • Discussion group
  • Create any topics
  • Exchange any info
  • Expand the community
  • Share links to invite more people

My friends

  • View friends list
  • Find potential connections.
  • Check friends' profiles
  • Contact or connect with them
  • Add through QR code or contact info
  • Categorize and personalize your friends list

Live News

  • Create story or posts
  • Upload practices or performance
  • Share publicly and attract more friends
  • Watch other's news or show info


  • Inbox / Sent
  • Notifications
  • One person chat
  • Group chat
  • Contact

Post-testing adjustments

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What I've learnt

Start & End on "needs"

I learnt that if we can start in a good place which is based on users' needs, then we should and we will get to the better place by continually focusing on what they need.

Embrace for narrower markets

Every role can play their importance, through the power of networking, even it is a smaller market or a fading business, we can use and target what is the problem and to offer them a way out. Networking is a tool for each individual to have a chance to survive and grow.

Summary : Jazz, community, tech.

My vision for this product is if we can use the UXUI skills to keep our community adapting through changes, we can assist our society as a hand to bring out the diversity from originality just like Tech + Jazz.

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