A promotion app for local restaurant owners to turn foodloss to money gain.


This is an app starting with a food waste problem and diving into a smaller scope to have a solution. By turning food loss to revenue as a turnaround marketing strategy, users(restaurants) can have a platform to post their promotion deal before the closing time.


UX Research

UX Design

Prototyping & Testing


The difficulty of preventing food loss

People love food by nature, and people also like to share. No matter is holiday binging or out of our normal craving, we are eaters and sometimes can't predict how much we want to eat. This could be a headache for running a restaurant business.


Transform victims into helpers and winners

Tackling on the surplus from our local business and to influence the food loss problem in the whole system.


Turn their loss into new ways of gains.


Key Idea

Competitive Analysis

  • Food Rescue (US)
  • ResQ Partner
  • An event management platform for people to participate and/or host events for people with same interests.


    • Team work in the whole process with other donnors.
    • Wide variety of users:individual donnors or organizational donnors.


    • Lack of incentives for users to participate with others.
    • No instructions and clear call to actions
    • Lack of goal for users to acheive
  • Our strongest competitor and inspiration in Europe, they cover cross contries services and also have customer-side under the same concept, they also have a real pick-up location in few transportation station.


    • Clean UI design
    • Decent hierarchy for event details
    • Localisation and mapview


    • No in-app communication with others
    • No detailed photo for customers


Sharing ideas with local business

Special thanks for Henry’s Hunan / 22nd & Irving Market / Duboces Park Cafe.

  1. Could you describe in general how do you handle the food loss in your business?
  2. Is your food loss impact your business turnover? How strong?
  3. Would you willing to launch a discount deal for leftovers?
  4. If the result doesn’t bring you any turnarounds will you still use it as an advertising purpose?
  5. How do you think if the no-show of [Picker]?
  6. Any other considerations you would like to suggest us, if you are having this app in the future?


Summarize their common struggles

Over spending on ingredients after having what they have provided as a meal or food. To keep the meal fresh they need to clean out earlier too.

New opened business limited by the advertisement exposure. Old restaurant stuck in the same customers flow.

A surplus portion can not be standardized as ones appetite they always prepare more in case. Sometimes to match seasonal special occasion they need to put more on the shelves too.


3 needs from different local business
  • Grocers
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bite Deli Market

    Deli market in the city of San Francisco serves with freshness and selected food.

    Everyday 8am - 9pm

    Pain Points

    Have surplus groceries for the neighborhood often due to the unexpected harvest by seasons.


    Use this app to sell their extra food and run business in a sustainable way.

  • Freebird restaurants

    New opened Tex-mex restaurant in SOMA district.

    Everyday 11am - 3 pm || 5pm - 9pm

    Pain Points

    New opened restaurant struggling with stuck growth because of deficiency of advertising.


    Use it to draw more customers since they are new opened.

  • Sweet Pal cafes

    Popular Housestyle bakeries in Sunset Area.

    Everyday 5am-6pm.

    Pain Points

    With intentions to favor their customers because of the over-batching pastries they have made.


    Use this app to share with hospitality when they over-batching.


Key features

Task flow

Posting surplus food

  • (Submit restaurant licenses)
  • Schedule time
  • Post photos
  • Promote surplus food details
  • Confirm and tell
  • Sharing food promotion

Waiting takeout

  • View waitlists
  • Collect pickers (customers).
  • Confirm sold out
  • Or closing earlier
  • A notice of total turnarounds

Order history

  • See order history
  • Repost the past
  • Or close upcoming orders
  • A notice of total turnarounds

  • Brand voice
  • Color
  • Logo & Type
  • Special, indulgence, magic




What I've learnt :

This is my first UX design class, we put lots of efforts on research and probing into problem to create what is a good solution, for me there is no good solutions without testing, I did learned a lot on how to research and analysize the scope of the problem, while as a goal to become a good UXUI designer, I would like to test after my iterations getting more completed.

What's next :

After my testing, I would like to enhance the flow and modify the UX and to test more for a better iterations, I also think Figma is a good tool to try out, as I often use Adobe XD, this project makes me have a chance to express with another tool, even I have to polish some design. Once this project is done I would like to know how to work in the food marketing system to enhance my understanding of the workflow.

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