A motion graphic project about a futuristic concept.


To create a futuristic ui motion grahics with Adobe After effects and to combine it in the footage with Adobe Premiere.


Creative thinking

Ui design

Motion graphics

Footage editing



User task flow
  • Pairing with app and smart devices.
  • Input emotions by describing as a starter.
  • Visualizing thoughts by meditaiton.
  • Detecting emotions by heartrate condition.
  • Choose a visual theme: fire/water/earth/air.
  • Meditate and start output until heartrate normal.
  • Report time consuming.

Storyboard about this destress tool.


Ui in MoGraph

Why did I do It?

My ideation is coming from AR+AI, although I have not touched this field and not implemented yet, I was only thinking about how potentially AR+AI can influence our life, especially how we see, so I design a concept call Upside Down to convey the possibility of design.

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